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Safety Tips for Kids on Planes

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When you’re traveling with an infant or toddler, don’t skimp on the price by flying with a child on your lap. There are some real safety issues involved.

While the FAA doesn’t require children under 2 to have their own seat, it’s not safe to hold an unsecured child in your lap.

Why? Because if you hit turbulence, you may not be able to hold on.

There have been some tragic fatalities to prove this.

Don’t rely on a seatbelt extender to fit around you and your child: it can be dangerous in turbulence or a rough landing.

Instead, purchase that extra seat, and place your child in automobile-style, FAA-approved child restraint system.

Alternatively, a harness system called CARES costs about $75, and is FAA approved for kids weighing 22 to 44 pounds.

It can fit inside a bag or purse, and attaches to seat back to hold your child securely.

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