THIS WEEK: May 24, 2008

Locations in this article:  Minneapolis, MN

Fire Island, NY

Costas Christ, global travel editor of National Geographic Adventure, kicks off the first hour of the show discussing the “green” fad in travel.

Travel journalist Johnny Jet clues us in on three Web sites that every savvy traveler should know.

Ed Sweeny, National Directorate Commodore for Recreational Boating Safety in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, reveals boating safety tips and America’s Waterway Watch program.

Also, Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Liz Fedor discusses the TSA’s newest program that recently launched at the Minneapolis/St Paul Int’l Airport.

And, cruise columnist Anita Dunham-Potter sheds light on the couple who are now banned from Royal Caribbean cruises.

Plus, business travel journalist Joe Brancatelli and Troy Green of AAA fill us in on the latest breaking travel news in regard to airlines and fuel.

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