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Family Bike Tours

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If you want your next family vacation to include some outdoorsy activities, consider going on a family bike tour—where exercise and fresh air are the main attraction.

Tour operator Butterfield & Robinson offers several family bike trips, including a Loire Valley with the Kids bike tour.

You’ll visit a 15th century castle and bike through forests, along riverbanks and past orchards and sunflower fields.

With Backroads, a Netherlands Biking tour costs about $4,000, and includes kid-friendly activities like a scavenger hunt at a museum and clog painting at a market; this program tailors the amount of bike riding so that the kids don’t overdo it.

With Bike Riders, children ages six and up can bike through Italy, visiting medieval villages and taking horseback riding or fishing lessons.

Or, a five-day Island Hopping Family Adventure costs about $2,000 and takes you through Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for a real East Coast experience.

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