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Free Natural Hot Springs

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Feeling the March blues?

Try soaking away your sorrows by dunking yourself one of these natural hot springs … for free.

In the Southern Californian town of Hesperia, the Deep Creek Hot Springs is a cluster of natural springs that you can reach on foot.

You’ll have to climb a gradual six-mile grade or try a steeper two-mile hike, but the exertion will be worth it once you relax in the 105-degree waters.

Just west of Denver are the South Canyon Hot Springs, where you’ll find locals soaking in the summertime.

The springs are located only 300 yards off the road with some well-positioned rocks for privacy.

And in Idaho, the Jerry Johnson Hot Springs are an easy one-mile hike in the Clearwater National Forest.

Just remember, free hot springs are usually unregulated, which means that bathing suits are often … optional.

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