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Craft Breweries for Beer-Lovers

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If you’re not into wine, you may be interested to know that many destinations are becoming known for their craft beers.

Take a tour of a microbrewery for that real local flavor.

You can find artisan brewing companies throughout the country, and sometimes in places that you wouldn’t expect.

Napa is a wine lover’s paradise, but the nearby Mendocino Brewing Company produces more than a dozen craft-style microbrews.

Take a tour or have a pint inside the 100-year-old saloon.

And while Miller is king in Wisconsin, local microbreweries serve up beers you won’t find anywhere else.

At the Great Dane Pub and Brewery in downtown Madison, there are traditional stouts and unusual beverages like beer spiced with habanero peppers.

And if you can handle visiting several brew pubs in a day, check out Portland’s Eco Tours of Oregon, where for $45 you learn about the microbrewing process and enjoy plenty of samples.

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