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Travel-Friendly Haute Couture for Global Fashionistas

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Fashion women haute coutureBack when silverware graced airline trays and flying the friendly skies actually was a friendly experience, it wasn’t extraordinary for women to be decked out in haute couture garb.

Now, throngs of people—and I’ll admit, occasionally I’m included—wear frumpy sweatshirts and baggy pants, and they lug horrid carry-ons onto their flight. So let’s bring the pizzazz back into travel!

For the fashionista, here are some swanky travel-friendly options that are sure to keep you looking your best en route. Don’t worry about coming across as a high-fashion travel snob—the passenger next to you is just jealous.

Finally, a quick cure for those sore knees. Made in Italy, CAMiLEON Heels are versatile shoes that actually have a retractable heel. These shoes will allow you to drop two inches in two seconds—a perfect solution if your pants are too short.

Of course, if you’re traveling to Paris, you’ll want to strut in high heels, but the cobblestone streets of La Cité can wear you out. Without even taking the shoe off, you can tuck the heel under the arch of the shoe in three quick moves: simply pull down on the heel, push the heel toward the arch, and push the heel straight backward until the heel is locked.

Camileon Heel

Who knew that practical shoes also could be so hip and comfortable? CAMiLEON Heels also saves you room in your luggage because you won’t have to pack low and high heels. Prices start at $225;

180’s Ear-Warmer Stereo Headphones
Ear Warmers Fuzzy earmuffs evoke images of elementary school children, but for Midwesterners who need to bundle up, how are they to keep their ears from freezing?

180’s Ear-Warmer Stereo Headphones not only keep your ears toasty with three layers of fleece, but they also conceal MP3 player cords.

While these ear-warmers aren’t super trendy, they are subtle and understated, hiding neatly under your primped hair. Currently on sale for $19.95; 800-344-4444,

DJ Rocks
If you’re looking for a more glitzy way to listen to music, sport the DJ Rocks, crystal-encrusted DJ headphones, designed by Donna D’Cruz. They cost a whopping $1,977 bucks, but if you’re grooving to Prince in first class, other passengers won’t wonder why.

Heart Pendant USBUSB Heart Ware Crystal Vitrail Light
If you worry about losing your clunky-looking USB key, try on the USB Heart Ware Crystal Vitrail Light.

Created by Philips and Swarovski, the heart pendant featured doubles as a USB key that has one gigabyte of storage, and it will be available for Valentine’s Day.

The jewel is designed with Swarovski’s pointiage technique. $179; 800-451-2851,

Cashmere Robe
Sure it’s nice to wrap yourself up in a little piece of home (especially while you’re waiting for that 80-minute massage), but traveling with your own robe takes up too much luggage space. However, once you try on designer Loro Piana’s cashmere robe, you’ll never want to harass your skin with cheap terry cloth again. The $2,350 price tag may be off-putting, but this luxurious robe is 100 percent cashmere, and it’s so thin and lightweight that it takes up much less space in your bags. You may never need a massage again. 888-888-4757,

Emmett McCarthy
New Emc2 dressSick and tired of your clothing being wrinkled when you unpack your luggage and have no time to visit a dry cleaner?

Well, you can dress à la mode with all the fancy frills you want.

Designer Emmett McCarthy, a former Project Runway contestant, has his own clothing line, EMc2.

He creates a variety of simple, stylish and wrinkle-resistant items, such as the Natalie coat, which is $875, and the Paige dress (at left), which is $575. 212-431-4134,

Fashion Ring
fashion ring fake Many women hesitate to tote their diamond rings and gold earrings, but they still want to wear jewels. Don’t chance losing your most beloved bracelet on a camel ride in Egypt or discovering your engagement ring was stolen from your hotel room.

Diamonair offers a line of fancy jewelry that appears to be encrusted with diamonds—only those sparkly jewels are made of cubic zirconia and semi-precious stones. The 14-carat gold ring featured below costs $475. 973-404-1000,

Harford Laptop Bag
Laptop Interior Harford Do you need a laptop bag that doubles as a purse? Kenna offers a variety of chic bags, and the Harford bag featured below is made of Italian patent leather with decorative quilting.

With a padded notebook compartment, zip pocket, a mesh pocket for a water bottle, and three penholders, you’ll have enough room for your laptop, beauty products and must-have accessories. $349; 512-422-2259,

We mustn’t forget the men who appreciate fashion!

Working Compass Cuff Links
Cuff links Since 1968, A.G.A. Correa & Son have been designing nautical- and stellar-inspired jewelry. If your man prefers the sea over dry land, he’ll appreciate the Working Compass Cuff Links.

Encompassed in gold (pun intended), the Ritchie compass cuff links are embellished with a rope design.

He still won’t ask for directions—but at least he’ll know which direction he’s traveling. The 14-carat cuff links are $1,625, and the 18-carat ones are $2,000. 800-341-0788,

Leather Travel Slippers
Frette slippers men Just as you can’t travel without your most-coveted shoes, your significant other probably wouldn’t mind traveling with a pair of comfy evening slippers.

Made in Italy, Frette’s Leather Travel Slippers are made of soft leather with a cushioned foot bed.

The slippers come with a matching leather pouch for traveling convenience. $350; 800-353-7388,

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