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Museum-Led Tours

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Instead experiencing other cultures through a museum exhibit, why not travel with a museum? Some of the world’s most respected museums offer educational tours around the world.

In Europe, the Smithsonian’s field experts walk you along the Waterways of Holland in the footsteps of Rembrandt.

In the warmer climates of Honduras or Guatemala, the American Museum of Natural History lends a dramatic look into the cultural treasures of Meso-America, such as sculptures and hieroglyphs.

Community leaders escort travelers on private visits to museums with Government Ministers and UNESCO World Heritage conservationists.

Or, you can sail with curators from the Metropolitan Museum from Moscow to St. Petersburg, with on-board lectures and private views of the cities’ greatest museums.

The downside is that these tours are pricey, starting at $6,000, but they as they say, wisdom is better than silver or gold…

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