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Private Jet Flights for Less

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Want to live the jetsetter lifestyle but can’t afford a private jet? Here’s how to go charter without paying charter prices.

You don’t have to buy into a private-jet program to fly on one.

Now charter brokers are offering single trips, called “on-demand” private-jets.

Something called double round trips means that you can fly back on an empty leg, or join an existing charter group. charters seats that can cost half of what it normally costs to charter a private jet.

OneSky also arranges on-demand charters. It runs a command center that tracks flights and makes arrangements for its customers. It offers coast-to-coast service, whereas mainly services the Eastern Seaboard.

Recently, Virgin Charter has launched a Web site for charter bookings.

Just be aware that a one-time charter will still cost you more than a first-class airline ticket.

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