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College Tours for Students

If you have a college-bound kid, you probably want them to explore plenty of campuses.

But if you’re short on time—or patience—here’s how they can visit colleges without mom and dad getting in the way.

When there are too many colleges and not enough time, a college tour company can help a parent out.

The company College Visits operates at least 20 college tours a year throughout the U.S.

With the East Coast College Tours from Education Unlimited, your kids stay in dorm rooms and explore the area and sights around the campuses.

The company College Preview keeps students informed by giving them a binder, complete with background information on each college and note-taking forms.

They can also arrange for off-campus cultural excursions upon request.

A week-long college tour visiting multiple campuses can cost between $1,500 and $2,000, including ground transportation, hotels and meals.

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