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March of the Penguins Outside Antarctica

Penguins have become global superstars since they began marching across movie screens. But you don’t have to freeze in Antarctica to see them.

If you head to New Zealand or Australia, you’ll encounter the little blue penguin, or fairy penguin.

These are the smallest of all penguins, with bluish-grey upper and flippers. Just after sunset, you can watch them marching from the sea back to their nests.

The African penguin inhabits the southwest coast of Africa in South Africa and Namibia.

You’ll see a black stripe running their chests, with black spots that are as unique as a human fingerprint.

In Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands, you’ll find something called the rockhopper penguin.

These penguins have bright yellow eyebrows with long yellow plumes projecting sideways.

As cute as these waddling creatures are, make sure that you don’t disturb them in their natural habitat.

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