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Travel Tip: Goodbye Online Booking Fees

plane_overheadThanks to intense competition among online sellers of travel, booking fees are being rolled back by some websites, so here are which ones are now offering free booking.

There currently are several online travel agencies that are waiving their booking fees. recently announced that it dropped the $6 per ticket charge for all airline reservations on their bargain-priced fares and regular bookings this summer. announced that it is dropping booking fees on their regular fares– at least temporarily. Priceline’s booking fees range from $5 for a domestic ticket to about $10 for an international ticket.

And, has dropped its $3 per ticket fee for their domestic flights this summer.

More and more travelers are using online agencies to research fares, however, then many of them directly book their flight with the respective airline site, which generally do not charge reservation fees.

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