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Airports Spas Everywhere

Locations in this article:  Dallas, TX Detroit, MI Philadelphia, PA Seattle, WA

Have 20 extra-minutes for a quick manicure? Need a massage?

Look no further than your closest airport. Once a rarity, spas are springing up in airports all over the country.

For example, did you know you can get a 90-minute hot stone massage…at Detroit International Airport?

It’s $120 at the OraOxygen spa in the Edward McNamara Terminal, while a full body massage is $45 for thirty minutes.

Seattle (and now, 9 other cities) has Massage Bar, where a 30-minute massage includes a heated neck wrap and soothing eye mask for $39.

XpresSpa now has 9 airport locations, and will soon have 22 around the world, including Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

XpresSpa offers manicures, massages, facials and even waxing.

Another fast-growing chain is 10-Minute Manicure, whose signature manicures cost $15.

They also offer massages in some locations, including Hartford and Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky.

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