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Great Bungee Jumping Viewing Spots

Locations in this article:  Las Vegas, NV

Looking to experience the fun of bungee jumping without having to actually jump?

These experiences provide optimal viewing so you can enjoy the show on solid ground.

If you’re not committed to making the terrifying leap of a 40-story building attached to a bungee cord, how about watching instead?

Try AJ Hackett’s Bungee, which is located next to Circus-Circus Casino in Las Vegas. A background of panoramic Vegas views and a foreground of thrill seekers enjoying the ride as they bungee off the 171-foot tower.

Those who want to observe jumpers in a natural setting should head to “The Ledge,” in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The site can be accessed by Gondola and once there, spectators can take in the setting overlooking the lake and mountains while watching jumpers in action.

Over-the-Edge-Bungee’s experience at Idaho’s Perrine Bridge allows jumpers to bungee 487 feet over the Snake River.

As an added bonus, spectators can also enjoy watching BASE jumpers in action on the other side.

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