Looking to travel for less within a foreign country? Forget about shaky buses and lengthy train rides.

Low-cost air carriers are spreading their wings in many countries around the world, even in some unexpected places.

InterJet Airlines, for example, flies all over Mexico, and will begin flights to Houston in 2008.

For example, if you’re flying from Juarez, on the American border, to Mexico City, flights start around $200 on Interjet, while they’re $350 on the much larger Aeromexico.

Another low-cost airliner is JetStar, which flies all over the Australia and has some international flights to Honolulu, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more.

A JetStar flight between Melbourne and Bangkok is less than $500 roundtrip, while on Qantas it’s over $1000.

And in Africa, South African Airways launched Mango as a rival to another low-cost carrier, Kulula.

In South Africa, fare wars mean a flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town, for example, are as low $44 on Mango.

Just remember when flying low-cost, there are often hidden fees for baggage, assigned seating, and food, so read the fine print before you book.

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