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Prison Hotels

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Looking for a family bonding experience that’s more than just board game night? Here’s an idea you probably haven’t heard…prison hotels.

The Malmaison Hotel in Oxford, England takes pride in being the first prison in the UK to be converted into a hotel. You may not notice thanks to the trendy decor, but some rooms have the original iron cell doors and bars on the windows.

The Art Prison Hostel in Prague is a former convent which used as a secret prison for the Communist regime. The cells are now filled with backpackers and funky wall murals. Karosta is an old military jail in Latvia, known as “the prison nobody escaped from.” The hosts are mostly ex-Soviet military personnel who spend the night shouting, berating and questioning the guests. You’ll sleep in a prison bunk or iron bed, and may even have to clean a bathroom with a toothbrush. May not be a bad way to keep the kids in line…