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Changing Terms For Frequent Flyers

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Did you know that a number of airlines are changing the terms of their frequent flyer programs? A number of airlines have cut the time your frequent flyer mile account can be inactive before the miles you’ve earned are revoked. Now, if you have miles on US Airways, instead of 36 months, you’ve only got 18 months until your miles are deleted for inactivity. United will be making the exact same change on Dec. 1. And Delta has dropped to two years of inactivity instead of three before deletion.

If you really hate expiration dates, try flying Aloha Airlines, whose miles never expire, or Continental, which has, at least for now, suspended its expiration policy. And don’t forget — you don’t have to fly to keep your account current. Take advantage of mileage offers for flowers or magazines, and you’ll re-set your expiration date.