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Top 5 Tips for Women Travelers

MaryBethBondIn honor of Women’s History Month this March, we reached out to one of the gutsiest woman travelers we know.

Marybeth Bond traveled the world solo for two years, and is the author of 50 Best Girlfriend Getaways (March 2007, National Geographic).

We sat down with her to talk about women and travel, and the five most important things a woman should remember when traveling…

1) Know how and what to pack. It’s a cardinal rule, and most women tend to ignore it. When it comes to packing for a trip: less is more.

2) Women need to take care of themselves and know how to use their common sense. Be aware of date rape drugs and appropriate bar behavior. And always take into consideration cultural cues — looking people in the eye, smiling at strangers, and what the message is that they’re projecting by doing what they are doing. Do your research before you travel.

3) Dress properly, and be aware of the culture’s idiosyncrasies or requirements when it comes to clothes.

4) Think twice if you are thinking of traveling with a partner. Unless you really know your travel partner, it’s often better to travel alone than to want to be alone. Take a shakedown trip — say, a weekend trip, beforehand, to see if you have the same ideas on economics, time management, and free time away from each other.

5) Most importantly, reach out to people. Speak to strangers — not necessarily men, but other women. Be open to the spontaneous. Make an effort to meet the local people.

And last but not least, Bond recommends an early defense system: wear a fake wedding ring!

Marybeth Bond is the editor-in-chief of Gutsy

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