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Travel Tip: How to Maximize Your Mobile Phone

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PDA SmartphoneDo you want some easy ways to get directions, currency conversion rates, flight updates, and weather info on the go? What if these ways are also free?

To access free info on the go, your mobile phone can be an invaluable tool.

To get a currency conversion, just text “50 euros in American dollars” to Google (“GOOGL” or 46645) and you’ll get a conversion using the latest rates.

For flight updates, text 4INFO (44636) your airline and flight number. For a mobile yellow pages, text Yahoo (92466) with a place and business type — like “bars 90210” for Beverly Hills watering holes.

The response will usually come with multiple options, complete with addresses and contact info.

And Google will text turn-by-turn driving directions if you send them two addresses. And all three offer multiple-day weather reports.

While standard text messaging fees from your mobile service provider do apply, the services themselves are all free.