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Travel Tip: Websites That Help You Find Low-Cost Airlines

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Southwest AirlinesWe’ve all heard of low-cost carriers like Southwest and JetBlue, but sometimes it’s the low-cost carriers you might not have heard of that offer the best deal.

By helping you find them, these websites can often point the way to a plethora of cheap airfares.

With, just click the city or airport you want to fly to, or from, and Which Budget lines up all the discount carriers that cover your chosen airport.

Low Cost offers comprehensive listing of global low-cost airlines, including a ‘graveyard’ of now-defunct carriers.

And will search only budget airlines just like a regular search engine. Only with Fly Cheapo, all of your tickets will be on budget carriers and should be, well, cheapo.

None of these sites actually sell tickets, so you don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest (Low Cost does segue very quickly into ticket-buying sites, though). They’ll usually direct you to the airline’s website instead, but they can help find the right low-cost carrier for you.

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