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Escape the City This Summer With These Affordable Road Trips

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Population: 230,000

1:20 from New Orleans
2:10 from Biloxi
4:00 from Houston

Baton Rouge - Skyline

How many people think New Orleans is the capital of Louisiana? It’s actually Baton Rouge, which offers a great experience in terms of Louisiana culture and cuisine.

As the capital city, there’s a lot to do within Baton Rouge proper: the Riverfront on the banks of the Mississippi River, casinos, live music and tons of restaurants.

Baton Rouge is all about Southern cuisine, from traditional gumbo to more modern interpretations, along with a fun cocktail scene. Tony’s Seafood is a great market where you can see vats of crawfish harvested from the waters, as well as local favorites like crawfish pie and Tony’s muffuletta.

Baton Rouge is known as Plantation Country. Many of the larger plantations have been restored to their former glory, like the Magnolia Mound Plantation House which reflects architecture from early French settlers, built in 1790; and Nottoway Plantation, the largest antebellum mansion in the South.

Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center is the authentic Louisiana swamp experience, with a 65-acre swamp and exhibits in local wildlife and ecology.

Frostop Root Beer is an old American root beer brand. It dates back to 1926 in Springfield, Ohio and is known in the Midwest and deep South. You can taste old-school flavors like root beer, sarsaparilla,and orange cream. In Baton Rouge, the Frostop stand is known for its catfish, fried shrimp and, of course, frosty cold root beer.

Photo credit: ©Mark Bienvenu

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