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Travel Contest: Where in the World is Peter Greenberg’s Luggage?

We’re heading into the high-traffic holiday travel season and this month you have three chances to win new luggage.

Get out your atlases, boys and girls. We’re putting a new spin in our “Where in the World is Peter Greenberg?” contest. This time you’re not looking for Peter, you’re looking for his luggage.

Follow these clues to guess, what advantures Peter’s Briggs & Riley BRX carry-on went on after he checked it in. The first person to register the most detailed, accurate answer wins a brand new BRX Explore 19 Upright.

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The Clues

  • En route to this island destination, the ferry plays kung-fu movies on repeat.
  • The area of this destination is the same as the fifth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Molokai.
  •  If you stayed on the ferry from where this photo is taken, you’d end up in another country in 1 hour.
  • When translated, the name of this destination is the mashup of a bird and a color.
  • This location acted as one of its neighboring countries in a film starring Jodie Foster.

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