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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gadget & Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday. We’ve already told you about all the last-minute travel deals. If you’re also looking for a gift, our gadget guy Phil Baker rounds up some of this year’s coolest tools for moms on the road and at home. And no, he’s not suggesting you bring home a blender.

This year, I received “advice” from Jane, my wife and editor, not to just select gadgets for the kitchen as Mother’s Day gifts this year. “After all,” she said, “women are as tech-savvy as men these days.” She’s absolutely right, so I’ve selected an assortment of products that cover the full range.

Some Quirky Ideas

Quirky is an innovative product development company that creates a wide range of clever products, based on input from its online community. Members participate in design process, contribute product ideas, make branding suggestions and vote on their preferences. Many of the products that receive the highest interest are actually built and marketed. Those in the community that contributed to the product often receive a small percentage of the sale.

In deference to Jane, I’ll only briefly mention the Broom Groomer that Quirky calls “A Sweeping Improvement In Dustpans.” (Also appropriate for Father’s Day!) What’s unique are the rubber teeth on the inside back of the dustpan that are used comb out debris from the broom. ($13).

Quirky’s Mocubo is a 16-inch by 11-inch, portable bamboo cutting board with three slide-out drawers mounted under the board that become food prep containers. You’re able to slice, dice and cut, then slide the ingredients into the drawers. ($40.)

Converge is an attractive docking station to store and charge a cell phone, tablet, eReader and other devices, up to four in total. The white plastic stand hides and routes wires from its built-in USB hub to each of the devices. ($40.)