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Travel Tip: America’s Dirtiest Hotels

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It’s back, boys and girls. The top 10 dirtiest hotels in America.

Here’s what you need to know about these worst offenders.

The annual dirty hotel awards comes from TripAdvisor, which culls the list from actual user reviews.

At the top of the list is a newcomer, the Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. A whopping 87 percent of reviewers wouldn’t stay here again.

Now the manager claims that the 30-year-old hotel is working on upgrades, so we’ll reserve judgment until next year’s list comes out.

What about those repeat offenders? Well, Hotel Carter in New York is back on the list at number four.

I guess that’s an improvement, considering it took first or second place every year since 2005.

Don’t be fooled by hotels that try to get off the list by changing their names. Number nine, the Palm Grove Hotel and Suites in Virginia Beach, was number one in 2006 and 2007 when it was known as the Tropicana Resort Hotel.

My advice? Do your research ahead of time, and don’t trust hotel websites and brochures.

If you do end up at a dirty room, alert the front desk so you can be  taken to another room, or if the entire place is terrible, insist upon a refund, and take photographic evidence.

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