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Trip Smart with Peter Greenberg on ulive

ulive trip smartPeter Greenberg is known far and wide for his insider tips on the process of travel, whether he’s telling Barbara Walters about how to use her frequent flyer miles or sharing his hard-earned advice on CBS News.

Now you can get even more travel tips from Peter on his ulive channel, Trip Smart. He shares his advice on everything from avoiding hackers while you travelwhether or not you actually need travel insurance, to ways you can save on airfare.

Keep reading to see some of Peter’s tips, or visit Trip Smart on ulive.

Airplane Mode: On or Off? The 411 on In-Flight Electronics


Yes, cell phone use is allowed inflight,  but don’t expect to do much talking. As long as your electronic device is on airplane mode, you can keep it on throughout the flight.


How to Save on Airfare: Useful Booking Hacks

save on airfare

Want to save money on airline tickets? Here are some insider tips that will save you major dough (and piece of mind).


Is Duty-Free Worth It?

duty free

Duty-free shopping: Let’s be honest, it sucks us all in. But is that enormous bar of chocolate really worth it?


Avoid Getting Hacked Online: Protect Your Personal Info


There ARE steps you can take to thwart online hackers from stealing your personal info. Here’s one pro tip: Don’t use the same online password for every website.


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