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Travel Tip: How to Archive Your Photos on the Road

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Sony NEX-5T
NEX-5T camera
Camera technology is also improving, like Sony’s NEX-5T camera which has wireless connectivity with Android smartphones and tablets.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 4.07.12 PMAs a pro photographer and Sony Artisan, Andy Katz always travels with two hard drives to archive his pictures on the road. But there are other more economical options for storing your photographs. Here is how to archive your photos when you’re traveling.

For starters, equip your camera with as large a memory card as it can support. Even if you have a 32G card (that’s up to 40,000 images) it doesn’t hurt to have a back up card on hand just in case you have issues with the original.

To shoot like the pros, take a moment to back up your photos at least every other day. Simplicity and consistency is key. Set up a folder and save photos under both location name and date that way you have two ways to search for images.

Certain apps, like Sony’s Play Memories Mobile application, allow you to directly upload photos from your camera to Flickr or Facebook.

You can also back up externally on your laptop or cloud service. Flickr lets you upload up to 1 terabyte worth of photos. That’s more than 500,000 photos depending on the size of you photos. From there you can share to Facebook and other social networks.