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How to Take the Best Travel Photos of Life’s Can’t-Miss Moments

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Sony NEX-5T
Sony’s NEX-5T has Fast Hybrid AF auto focus technology. It’s designed with a 99-phase detection AF points, which might not matter to you, but basically technology can guaranteed you fast, accurate autofocus in any situation.

Too many would-be photographers make common mistakes when trying to capture life’s can’t-miss moments. Whipping out your camera and relying on the old “pray and spray” technique could result in a great photo…or it could be an epic series of blurry disasters. We talked to the experts to learn their must-have tips for taking incredible photos of your travels, your family and those memorable moments in life. 

Imagine you are at the Vatican, and the Pope makes a 30-second appearance waving on his balcony. That’s 10 seconds to be in awe, 10 seconds to hold up your camera, 10 seconds take the picture. You feel accomplished when you managed to fire 7 shots before he walks away. One of them has to be good.

Blur 1…blur 2… blur 3-5…over-exposure 6… Pope’s back 7. At least you managed to focus perfectly on Grandma Joan’s hat. But not your Grandma Joan, it’s the one over there with the family from Iowa.

For photographers, amateur or pro, few things are worse than missing the perfect shot. The greatest moment could be happening right front of your face, but the end result is a blurry mess or even worse, all black.

Watch the video below and check out the next page for expert tips from pro photographers and Sony Artisans Andy Katz and Me Rah Koh.