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Travel Tip: Travel Coupon Web Sites

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Whether you’re planning a visit to an unfamiliar city, or looking for new ways to enjoy your current one, coupon websites can offer new ideas and great steals. features discounts on experiences ranging from dining to fitness. Most of the deals are limited to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NYC, but you can look at the Travel Getaways section for discounts in other places. features daily discounts on local businesses in more than 90 U.S. cities, and 20 countries worldwide. Now the drawback is that as a traveler, you’re not likely to need a coupon to a series of ballroom dancing lessons; but you could take advantage of half-off dinners at a local restaurant or cafe that you may not have known about otherwise.

And guess what? It’s most likely not a tourist trap.’s free mobile phone app sends searchable discounts straight to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android.

And, in addition to daily deals like tour group discounts, has list of the 365 best things to do in each of the cities featured on the site.

Bottom line: Even if you don’t find a particular deal that interests you, these sites are an easy way to learn about local finds in unfamiliar cities.

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