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Travel Tip: Lodge-to-Lodge Skiing Trips

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You’ve heard of hut-to-hut hiking, but when winter arrives, that option becomes something else: lodge-to-lodge skiing!

Here’s what it is, and how it works…

The idea is that you can set out from one lodge, and cross-country ski your way to your next one.

Usually there’s also a network of nearby trails so you can take day trips from a home base.

In Maine, the Appalachian Mountain Club has more than 66,00 acres of protected land, with four lodges where staff members cook meals and provide information on trail conditions.

If you’re not comfortable on your own, AMC also has two- to four-night guided packages. It’s less than $200 a day and includes meals, guided group skiing, and they’ll even shuttle your gear for you.

In Minnesota, they’ve got “yurt skiing.” Guests can ski along the Banadad Ski Trail, and stay in fully equipped yurts along the way.

Last, but not least, Colorado’s 10th Mountain Hut Association is a network of 29 huts connected by 350 miles of routes and trails.

Just keep in mind that this is real back country skiing. If you’re not confident, consider snowshoeing.

Or wait until summer comes back around to make it a hiking trip.

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