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Radio Guests – Naples, Florida – Jan. 8, 2011

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Ritz-Carlton Naples FloridaHas the TSA devolved into security theater? Peter will chat with aviation analyst Mike Boyd on the Rube Goldberg-like methodology of the folks who are supposed to protect us.

Want to know a travel planner’s tricks to saving money? Learn from an expert who made a career out of negotiating deals for travelers.

And families, listen up. Peter will sit down with a Florida-certified master naturalist about how kids can enjoy hands-on, interactive experiences with live critters in the Nature’s Wonders sanctuary.

Tune in January 8, 2011 to hear all this and more as Peter broadcasts his radio show from the Ritz-Carlton, Naples in Naples, Florida.

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Featured guests include:

– Mike Boyd, president of Boyd Group International, forecasting where we are heading with the TSA’s “security theater”;

– Derin Moore, executive chef for Ritz-Carlton, Naples, talking about his favorite menu items and local foods you must try;

– Everett Potter, editor-in-chief of Everett Potter’s Travel Report, listing some of the nation’s worst tarmac delays on record;

– Brian Holley, executive director of Naples Botanical Gardens, describing the history of the gardens creation and its recently completed renovation;

– Simon Talling-Smithexecutive vice president of British Airways, Americas, giving his analysis of the state of the American airline industry;

– Dan Summers, director of the Collier County Bureau of Emergency Services, updating us on results of the BP oil spill and how Naples avoided environmental damage;

– Jim Krane, reporter for the Associated Press and author of City of Gold: Dubai and the Dream of Capitalism, discussing how Dubai is changing the Arab world;

– Rick Cruz, guide and co-owner of Swamp Explorers, chatting about the experience of walking through a swamp and the critters that live there;

– Lisa Morris, founder and president of Road Concierge, sharing helpful tips for individual travelers and revealing money-saving tips that anyone can employ the next time they travel;

– Chris Desmond, founder and director of the 10,000 Islands Dolphin Project, updating us on the ongoing research  projects and how you can participate;

– Tina Ruggiero, nutritionist and author of The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet, telling us how feed babies in a healthy way while on the road;

– Ranger Randy Sarton, Florida-certified master naturalist for the Ritz-Carlton, Naples, speaking about the animals on property and how kids can participate in the Nature’s Wonders experience.

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