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Radio Guests – Las Vegas, Nevada – Dec. 25, 2010

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The Bellagio Las VegasOn Saturday, December 25, Peter will broadcast his radio show from The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Call in with your travel questions at 1-888-88-PETER (1-888-887-3837) or email (Write “ASK PETER” in the subject line.)

Featured guests include:

– Scott McCartney“Middle Seat” columnist for The Wall Street Journal, summing up the year in travel and looks ahead to what travelers will face in 2011;

– John Curtas, the critic and commentator behind Eating Las Vegas, filling us in on some off-the-brochure picks for Las Vegas restaurants in every price range;

– Charles Lockwood of the Los Angeles Times sharing insights from his recent article “More For Your Money: Frequent-Flier Programs” so you can get the most out of your frequent-flier miles;

– Randy Morton, COO & president of the Bellagio, giving us an inside view of what the resort has to do to maintain its award-winning customer service year after year;

– Andres “Andy” Garcia, director of horticulture, explaining what it takes to completely change the Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens five times per year as well as the eco-friendly aspects of the resort’s efforts;

Christmas at the Bellagio Las Vegas– Jon & Pamela Voelkel, authors of the Jaguar Stones series for kids, including The End Of The World Club, passing along real-life stories about their adventures in Latin America;

– Executive Chef Edmund Wong, manager of 16 restaurants at the Bellagio, explaining how he does it, and sharing the story of the record-breaking chocolate fountain;

– Robert Reid, Lonely Planet’s U.S. Travel Editor,  explaining the selection process for the Best In Travel for 2011.

– David Chabira, technical director of Cirque du Soleil’s O, on what it takes to stage a show that involves a 1.5-million-gallon tank, among other unusual stage accoutrements.

– Neil Mandt, writer, director and host of the new television series Next Stop For Charlie, speaking about the concept of a man traveling the globe to track down his cousin, and how destinations are featured in the series.

As always, Peter will be taking your calls and answering your travel problems on the air! Call in with your travel questions at 1-888-88-PETER (1-888-887-3837) or email (Write “ASK PETER” in the subject line.)

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