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Boeing Redesigns 747 To Be Greener, Leaner, Quieter

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The Boeing 747 - 6Boeing unveiled a newer and greener version of its classic 747 jumbo jet on Sunday at its company headquarters in Everett, Washington.

The updated version, called the 747-8 Intercontinental, gives the 40-year-old original a new twist by adding 51 more seats and using less fuel. The new plane will seat 467 passengers and feature a quieter, more fuel-efficient engine.

The new jumbo jet will also become the largest plane on Boeing’s passenger fleet with a two-story cabin, a 196-foot wingspan, and a 250.3-foot length that will make it the longest commercial passenger plane in the world.

The plane also sports a dramatic redesign. It is the first Boeing plane to feature red, orange and white paint, a departure from the traditional Boeing blue.

Boeing designers said they wanted to impart vibrancy to the new plane in their choice of colors and differentiate the 747-8 from earlier models.

Despite a hefty $317.5 million price tag, the plane already has 33 orders to date, the bulk of them coming from Deutsche Lufthansa AG, which ordered 20 aircraft. The second largest order came from Korean Air, which ordered five planes.

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