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High Speed Trains Expanding

Here’s some good news. High speed trains are expanding throughout Europe and Asia.

In Italy, you can now go from Rome to Pompeii in just two hours. The super fast TGV in France  — with speeds up to 200 mph — now travels between Paris and Lyon. And by the end of this year, it will go from Paris to Milan.

Indonesia has just launched its high speed train from Jakarta to Bandung, two of Indonesia’s largest cities — with speeds up to 217 mph.


Want fast railroad travel in the US? The closest we come is still on Amtrak’s Acela in the Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington DC. But the train only travels over 100 mph for less than 50 miles on its entire 457-mile route. And for the 30 minutes, you might save over regional trains on the same route. The price differential may not be justified.