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Wacky Events Around the World

So how do you pick your destinations? A general bucket list? Or how about pursuing events around the world that are wacky?

You might consider heading to Spain. In early October, you can witness the Concurs de Castells Festival in Catalonia where 32 teams attempt to create the tallest human pillar. Teams have gotten as tall as nine stories high before.

In Germany, you may have heard of Oktoberfest, but there’s also the rubber duck race in Alleenbrücke. You’ll see 7,000 rubber ducks race down the Neckar River. And you can enter your own duck in the contest for a big money prize.

In Lopburi, Thailand, there’s the annual Monkey Buffet Festival in November. No, the animals aren’t on the menu. Instead, watch the local monkey population gifted with thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables.

And closer to home, in Jefferson, Texas, there’s the Bigfoot Conference. Everything you ever — or never — wanted to know about Bigfoot is here. And yes, you can even order a Sasquatch Sandwich.