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Countries with Perceived Safety: A New Ranking

Travel safety and the definition of travel safety, not to mention the perception of how safe is your destination, is crucial these days.

There’s even an index for safety perception, which measures levels of “worry,” “likelihood,” and “experience” of risk within five separate domains for each destination: physical health, mental health, violence, environment, and workplace.

So which country ranks as the safest — in terms of its perceived safety? That would be Singapore.

The number two and three perceived safe countries might surprise you: Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Mexico has moved down on the perceived safety index, as has Russia.

But here’s a statistic that might prompt you to leave home. The United States doesn’t perform well in terms of our perceived safety — America comes in at number 60 on the list.

Remember, this is an index of perceived safety, but it’s often that perception that drives our decision more than reality itself.