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How Much Food and Beverage Costs Differ By Airport

Welcome to the airport retail food and beverage experience where you may spend $8 for a bottle of water, $7 for a small bag of potato chips and $12 for a glass of beer.


So which airports are the most expensive when it comes to eating and drinking?


A beer at LaGuardia will cost you more than $12, the most expensive beer of any American airport.


A brew at Newark will set you back more than $9. And at John F. Kennedy International, it will be nearly $9.


Where’s the cheapest airport beer? That’s in Portland, Oregon, where a glass is only $4.33.


It’s followed by the affordable Salt Lake City at $5. And you can find under $6 beers at the airports in Cincinnati, Charlotte and San Antonio.
But remember, you’re at the airport to leave the airport, not live there. So in spite of the price, please drink responsibly.