The Essentials

Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Temperatures are reaching record highs around the world this summer. And you’ve already heard the advice about the need for sunscreen and hydration — now more than ever.

But it’s really a question of how you stay cool and hydrated. Start with wardrobe.


Your instinct may be to wear shorts or tank tops but that will leave your skin exposed to potential permanent sun damage.


Instead, try long sleeves, pants, and skirts made from loose fitting fabrics such as rayon, cotton, or linen.


Instead of wearing a baseball hat that leaves your neck and ears exposed, try a well-vented sun hat with a wide wraparound brim.


And splashing yourself with cold water is a trick that works — a breeze running through cool, wet hair will help chill your entire body.


Finally, if you plan to spend extended time in the sun, stock up on oral rehydration salts. Just mix with water and drink. You can buy a box of 16 powder packets for only $15.