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Locks on Suitcases?

Are you looking to buy a new suitcase?


Many come with locks. But don’t be swayed by a false sense of security.
You are not allowed to check locked bags through TSA security checkpoints.


And then there’s the quality of the locks themselves. Most luggage locks actually do very little to protect your stuff.


Any good thief can manipulate the simple luggage lock mechanisms often using a simple ballpoint pen.


And remember, luggage thieves don’t steal bags. They steal individual items from bags.


And most travelers then make a classic mistake.


They’re usually so happy to see their bags at luggage carousels that they never open them to check the contents.


They just grab the bags and go, only to discover something missing when they get home.


The key here is to forget the locks.


Just timecode and photograph the contents of your bag before you check it in, then open it at the airport once you arrive.