The Essentials

Contrarian Travel Tips

It’s time to once again celebrate the concept of contrarian travel. And if you plan properly, you’ll save time and maybe even money.


First, I don’t check bags domestically. I send them by FedEx, UPS or other services. I save two and a half hours of waiting time on each trip by doing this, and if you send it three days in advance, you get a steep discount.


I print my boarding pass the night before at home.


I won’t have the taxi or friend drop me at departures because that’s a zoo. I drive to arrivals. There’s no one there, and I just head upstairs with no bags.


And when I land, I reverse the process. I don’t go to baggage claim. That’s a bigger zoo. Instead I get picked up at the departures level, where no one is there.


And when I arrive at home or at my destination, my bags are waiting for me.