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Latest on Emotional Support Animal Bans


For years, thousands of airline passengers took advantage of a loophole in the Department of Transportation rules, and it was all about something called the ESA (Emotional Support Animals).

Just about any animal deemed essential for the emotional support of a passenger was allowed to travel — without charge or proper container or restraint — in aircraft cabins.

We’re not just talking about dogs and cats but everything ranging from miniature horses to pigs.

Finally, after many years of inaction and after receiving thousands of passenger complaints, the DOT has changed the rules.

As of now, the only animals allowed in aircraft passenger cabins will be service dogs that are properly trained to assist someone with a true disability.

Already, Alaska Airlines has banned the emotional support animals, followed by American Airlines.

And by the end of this month, every U.S. airline will enact similar bans.

Soon, the statement of “when pigs fly” will revert back to fantasy status, where it belongs.