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Want to Go Off the Deep End?


The next time you travel, you might be interested in — literally — going off the deep end.

Just 30 miles outside the Polish capital of Warsaw, you’ll find the world’s deepest swimming and diving pool, Deepspot. The 45-meter pool is intended to be a training facility for both experienced and new divers and is open to everyone — with properly signed paperwork, of course.

Also in Europe, the Y-40 Deep Joy pool outside Venice, Italy offers many courses in swimming, scuba diving and deep diving to people of all skill levels.

Across the pond, England is planning to open the Blue Abyss within the next two years in the North West part of the country. It will be the deepest man-made pool in the world. The Blue Abyss will also be home to an aerospace program to train astronauts for future space travel using microgravity simulations as well as hyper and hypobaric training. And yes, you’ll be able to dive in there as well.