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Bizarre State Laws You Should Know About

Many of you might already be law breakers — a number of U.S. states already have laws on the books making it illegal to wear masks in public. Thankfully, that’s not being enforced right now.

But if you’re traveling to other states, beware of a number of pretty odd laws.

In Illinois, it’s illegal to fall asleep in a cheese shop.

In New York, it’s illegal to take a selfie with tigers, lions, leopards, or any other big cat.

In Alaska, one of the more cruel and confusing laws is that it’s illegal to be drunk in a bar. That’s right, the law says that a person who is drunk may not knowingly enter a bar to drink more or remain in the bar that got them drunk to begin with.

And attention all would-be-terrorists. In Chico, California, it’s unlawful to build, maintain, and yes, even use a nuclear weapon. And here’s the fun part. If you get caught, the fine is…$500. Talk about a nuclear deterrent.