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Why RVs May Be On The Rise Soon

After 9/11, when Americans started traveling again, few wanted to fly over large bodies of water because of fears of terrorism.

And when we emerge from the coronavirus crisis, there’s every reason that Americans will repeat that behavior, but for another reason: the fear of arriving somewhere overseas and then being quarantined and unable to return home.

So get ready, for a boom in domestic travel within the mainland United States and not just road trips by car, but a boom in family travel by recreational vehicle, which promises a different form of social distancing.

It’s the concept of your own enclosed family vehicle and self contained lodging on the road. In the past, one downside of the RV was it only got about eight miles to the gallon. But fuel prices this year will be at historic lows. Rental costs start as low as $100 a night. The only potential challenge this summer is finding an RV campground parking space.