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Peter’s Favorite Fan Photo of the Week – February 12, 2020

Congrats to Bill, who is this week’s winner of the PeterGreenberg.com travel photo contest.

Bill shared this photo of Mount Rainier. “Once in a great while in flying out from Seattle, our pilot will get approval for a special route to pass by the summit of Mount Rainier,” Bill writes. “We were lucky in having perfect weather for a view on this day, a view that you can see only from the air and only on those rare occasions when your pilot seeks clearance. Many thanks to United Airlines for providing this (and only one previous) view of Mount Rainier.”



If you too have a recent photo of your travels that you want to share, send your travel photo to: photocontest@petergreenberg.com before February 18th at 10 a.m. ET. The winner will be announced on February 19th.

Don’t forget to let us know the story behind the photo, and include your social media handles, if you’d like to be tagged. In addition to my social channels below, the announcement will also be made in this newsletter, every week.