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Why Brexit Is Creating a Buyer’s Market

As the UK leaves the EU, it has created a buyer’s market for smart travelers.


A study by ForwardKeys, which analyzes global aviation capacity, flight searches and over 17 million flight booking transactions a day, says that growth in travel to and from the EU has slowed.


What does this mean to you? It’s the basic law of supply and demand, and with excess seating airline capacity in the market, airline prices have not only not gone up but they are also actually down 4% — or more — year over year.


In fact, in some markets, it’s now cheaper to fly from Boston to some cities in Europe than it is to fly from Boston to New York.


Does this mean you have to rush to plan your European trip? I say not necessarily because not counting the possibility of rising fuel prices, the lower airfares seem to be here for many more months.