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How Airports Are Attempting To Reduce Stress

For many of us, the airport experience is stress and anxiety inducing.


We’re in large crowds trying to move. We’re late. There’s weather, delays and cancellations, the prospect of lost luggage and missed flights.


And now, a growing number of airports have decided to reduce some of that stress.


At Los Angeles International, symphony musicians perform.


There are art exhibits at San Francisco International.


San Diego International actually has a performing arts residency program.


At Pittsburgh’s airport, there’s a resident sculptor. And there are therapy dogs that you can hug at Salt Lake International and at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International.


And so, when you’ve missed your flight or your bags are lost, you can at least sing along with the other stressed passengers or admire the performance art. Or if worse comes to worse, cry with a canine. But it’s better than nothing!