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Alternatives to Hotels That Will Provide You Cultural Experiences

American Museum of Natural History

Are you looking for an alternate to a hotel that offers a win-win cultural experience at the same time?


On your next trip, consider spending the night at a museum. Ben Stiller won’t be there, but you can spend quality night time at your favorite haven of history or art.


The exhibits won’t exactly come to life, but in New York, at the American Museum of Natural History, it offers adult-only sleepovers as well as family stays. And you can count sheep under the 49-foot-long blue whale.


Do you want a live animal experience? The San Diego Zoo offers its roar and snore program — that’s right — it actually calls it that — with an array of tent options.


And in Washington D.C., bring a sleeping bag and snuggle up next to the Declaration of Independence. It’s recommended for kids ages 8-12, and the National Archives’ sleepover includes a scavenger hunt, movies and a pancake breakfast.