The Essentials

How Some Travelers Are Beating Baggage Fees

In a world where just about every airline charges for checked baggage, some travelers will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid getting hit with those ancillary fees.


Many airline passengers have redefined the word, “backpack.”


As long as they can fit that bag on their backs, and they can get it through TSA security, they will make the long hike to the gate. And it’s not just the backpack itself.


It’s what they tie on the outside of that backpack — pairs of shoes, bulky sweaters and jackets. But they don’t stop there!


Welcome to the brave new world of giant fanny packs. And then, the wearable jackets with nearly two dozen pockets — effectively allowing you to cram your entire checked bag into a wearable suitcase.


It may not look pretty, and it might get you laughed at all the way to the gate because you’re looking like the Michelin Man, but the practice is saving a lot of money for some passengers.