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How the American Economy Is Impacting Travel

If you’re looking for a great indicator of the overall American economy, look no further than who is traveling, how long they’re traveling and how much they are spending.


It’s about going beyond the jobs and unemployment figures to explore the overall confidence of the American public, because — after all — when we’re confident in the economy, we love to travel and spend money.


The annual Vacation Confidence Index — a survey done by Allianz Global Assistance — has good news. Americans’ summer spending will beat a record $107 billion with their average vacation spend exceeding $2,000.


But there may be clouds on the horizon.


More than 57% of those surveyed said they didn’t take a trip for more than four days in the last year, and 44% of Americans in the survey said they aren’t planning to take a vacation at all this year.


And what’s the sobering reason cited? They say they don’t have the money to spend. While we love to travel, insecurity or fear about the economy is forcing many of us to change our travel plans or not make travel plans at all.