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Why I Take Extra Long-Haul Flights

I’m a big fan of taking extra long-haul flights. Why?


By not breaking up the flight with long layovers en route, I actually eliminate the effects of jet lag and I get to sleep longer on flights without interruption.


And I get more time at my destination. For example, going from the U.S. to Nairobi used to be almost a nine-hour layover in London.


Kenya Airways now has a non-stop from New York and you save that nine hours.

How about Chicago to Auckland? Air New Zealand has the non-stop. It’s 16 hours, but there’s no longer a four-hour layover at LAX. And you got to love its in-flight entertainment.


The system offers all Lord of The Rings and Hobbit films. Or think of it another way. It’s 16 hours where you get to think, without anyone back home or in the office bothering you.