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Overtourism: How to Look at the Ratio of Tourists to Locals

These days, everyone is talking about the problems and consequences of overtourism on destinations around the world. And if you’re looking just at the numbers, one way to gauge whether your desired destination might be threatened by just too many tourists is to consider the ratio of tourists to the actual population.


If you guessed that the smaller the country, the more likely tourists would vastly outnumber the locals, then you are correct.


Andorra, one of the smallest nations on the planet, has an average ratio of 33.5 tourists for every resident. The country received more than 2 million visitors last year, but the total population of the small country is only 70,000.


In second place, there’s Macau, which has nearly 25 visitors to each local.


And the British Virgin Islands have a nearly 14 to one ratio.